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              • Cefixime Tablets
              • Jinying Capsule
              • Yuanqi Boneal Tincture
              • Cihang Capsule
              • Xuesaitong Dispersible Tablets

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              Hunan Fangsheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as FangSheng Pharma) was found in Jun.2002, and performed the shareholding system transformation in Sep.2009. Nowadays, Fangsheng pharma consists of five subsidiaries: Hunan Xiangya Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Hunan Fangsheng Huamei Biopharma Inc., Hunan Fangsheng Medicine Co., Ltd, Hunan Fangsheng Yuchen Biotechnology Co., Ltd and Hunan Hongya Fangsheng Medical Laboratory Technology Co., Ltd.

              Since the establishment in June 2002, Fangsheng Pharma has developed into a research-based comprehensive pharmaceutical enterprise and has integrated new drug R&D, production and sell. On Dec 5, 2014, Fangsheng Pharma was successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The company's business scope covers the production and sales of tablets (including cephalosporins), capsules(including cephalosporins), granules(including cephalosporins), oral suspension(cephalosporins), powder, suppository, powder-injection (cephalosporins), tinctures(external use), spray(external use) lotion (containing extracted TCM), small volume injections and bulk pharmaceutical chemicals(BPC).

              Fangsheng Pharma, whose core competence is new drug R&D since its inception, persists in guarding human’s health. We have integrated global cutting-edge new drug R&D resources to build a comprehensive R&D system and have got plenty of R&D achievements, such as cardio-cerebrovascular (Xinxuean), Pediatrics (Kingbaby), Gynecological (Meiershu), Orthopedics and Traumatology (Fangshengtang) and some other series.

              Over the years, our keen attention, huge investment in R&D and professional management keep a high-speed growth. We have established a nationwide marketing network featuring broad coverage and high functionality. Fangsheng Pharma boasts titles and awards such as National Level Key High and New Tech Enterprise of Torch Plan, National Level Post-doctoral R&D Station, Hunan Governor's Award of Quality, First Batch of Exemplary Pharmaceutical Enterprise in Hunan, Enterprise of Hunan Provincial Little Giant Plan, Quality Rating AAA Enterprise in Hunan, Hunan Engineering Research Center for Cardiovascular Drugs and etc.

              For medium and long term development and expansion, Fangsheng Pharma will build a world-class pharmaceutical industrial park. The new base construction started in 2010, with the first-stage project completed in 2011. The facility got new GMP certification and put into production in 2013. After the construction project fully completed, the production capacity will largely fulfill the market need.

              Fangsheng Pharma shoulders a great mission of building a well-known Chinese trademark and contributing to people's health. We plan to form top brands of “Xinxuean”, “Kingbaby”, “Meiershu” and “Fangshengtang” in specialist medicine through focusing on quality to achieve a high-yeild and long-lasting Fangsheng.

              Hunan Xiangya Pharmaceutical CO., Ltd. :Founded in 1996, it is a high-tech enterprise featuring R&D, manufacturing and sales. The leading products are Yimaikang series (promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis), Jianwei Yuyang series (invigorating the stomach and healing peptic ulcer) and Xuesaitong tablet (for cardiovascular) with a total of 20 products.


              Hunan Fangsheng Huamei Biopharma Inc.: was founded in December 2009. Here we have world-class laboratory for first class new drug research, which are leaded by scientists of Hunan One Hundred Experts Plan, Changsha First 313 Plan and those specially Invited by Hunan Province.


              Hunan Fangsheng Medicine Co.,Ltd: Founded in September 2013, formerly known as Changsha Baoyuan Traditional Chinese Medicine Material Co., Ltd. and took on the current name of Hunan Fangsheng Medicine Co., Ltd. in March 2013. It covers the wholesale of pharmaceutical products and medical devices.


              Hunan Fangsheng Yuchen biotechnology Co., Ltd.:Founded in Jan. 2015, a Joint Venture of Fangsheng pharma and Shanghai NETS Biotechnology Co., Ltd. The main businesses are biotechnology related research, consulting, technical transfer and other technology based services.

              Hunan Hongya Fangsheng Medical Laboratory Technology Co., Ltd: Founded in July, 2015 and invested by Fangsheng Pharma and Hunan Hongya Gene Tech Co., Ltd. It is a high-tech company committed to the research and industrialization of individualized medicine (Precision medicine) laboratory technology. We cooperate with Zhou Honghao, the academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and initiator and pioneer of individualized medicine, and his Xiangya Medical Laboratory in Central South University (the national test unit and training base of individualized medical tests). Based on the needs of individualized medical tests during diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as tumors, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, we strive to build a professional service platform of individualized medical tests in a time when precision is much needed.

              Contact From

              Fangsheng Company

              No.789,Lusong Road

              Yuelu District,Changsha,China

              Business Consultation:+86-0731-88997188

              Complaints Hotline:+86-0731-88908622


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